Transformers / Transforming Deluxe [1080p]
Transformers / Transforming Deluxe [1080p]
Every Single Transformation From The First Hasbro Cinematic Universe Transformers Film Trilogy, Directed By Michael Bay, In Stunning Hd! Props To I...

Duration: 10:05 min | Publish: Feb 03, 2014 | Views: 5,204,591
Transformers Robots in Disguise - Bumblebee's Mission
Transformers Robots In Disguise - Bumblebee's Mission
Picking Up Where Transformers Prime Left Off… A Decepticon Prison Ship Crash Lands On Earth And Optimus Prime Summons Bumblebee To Lead A Rag-tag...

Duration: 03:16 min | Publish: Oct 09, 2014 | Views: 267,333
Everything Wrong With Transformers: Age of Extinction Part 1
Everything Wrong With Transformers: Age Of Extinction Part 1
We're Going The Hollywood Route And Releasing This Video In Two Parts. You Can Give Us A Sin For That, But Frankly We Had No Choice. This Is Part 1...

Duration: 16:02 min | Publish: Oct 17, 2014 | Views: 1,571,160
KRE-O Transformers: Take Us Through the Movies
Kre-o Transformers: Take Us Through The Movies
Join Optimus Prime And The Kre-o Transformers Kreons As They Summarize All Of The Transformers Movies… With Attitude! Subscribe To The Official T...

Duration: 03:40 min | Publish: Oct 01, 2014 | Views: 688,060
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron - Chapter 4: Eye of the Storm (Cliffjumper)
Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron - Chapter 4: Eye Of The Storm (cliffju...
Http:// - Once My Cover Was Blown, I Said Screw It And Went For The Kills.

Duration: 43:20 min | Publish: Aug 22, 2012 | Views: 1,339,979
Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe DRIFT: EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff
Transformers Age Of Extinction Deluxe Drift: Emgo's Transformers Revie...
Get This Figure Here! - Http:// Subscribe To Emga...

Duration: 14:54 min | Publish: Jun 14, 2014 | Views: 504,303
Transformers Prime Bumblebee Dies
Transformers Prime Bumblebee Dies
This Is The Saddest Scene From The Final Deadlock And Most Shocking I Cryied At This Scene I Do Not Own This Content And Do Not Want To Make Profit...

Duration: 04:09 min | Publish: Jul 27, 2013 | Views: 10,000,994
Transformers (G1) Cybertronian History HD 1080p
Transformers (g1) Cybertronian History Hd 1080p
Rodimus Prime Enters The Matrix Of Leadership Learning The Origins Of All Transformers And Cybertron Itself Taken From The First Television Series...

Duration: 04:36 min | Publish: Aug 31, 2013 | Views: 225,418
Takara Age of Extinction/Lost Age Deluxe DISPENSOR: EmGo's Transformers Reviews N' Stuff
Takara Age Of Extinction/lost Age Deluxe Dispensor: Emgo's Transformer...
Get This Figure Here! - Http:// Subscribe To Emga...

Duration: 16:34 min | Publish: Jun 07, 2014 | Views: 235,996
Transformers 4 stop motion : Prime's Rage 柯博文的憤怒
Transformers 4 Stop Motion : Prime's Rage 柯博文的憤怒
I Want To Make This Since I Watched Transformers 4,but By Now I Think My Ability Is Not Enough To Make Such A Big Scene Like This,i'll Keep Work Ha...

Duration: 01:36 min | Publish: Sep 01, 2014 | Views: 195,871
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